LongHorn predicts modulation of canonical regulators (or effectors), including miRNA, RBP, and TF, by lncRNAs. Leveraging large-scale cancer genomics datasets from TCGA, LongHorn identifies four models for lncRNA regulation:

1)    Decoy: binds and inhibits the activity of effectors by affecting their availability to regulate their protein-coding targets

2)    Co-factor: binds proximal promoters of protein-coding genes and alter their regulation by TFs

3)    Guide: facilitates regulation of protein-coding genes by TFs

4)    Switch: alters the activity of TFs and RBPs across multiple targets


LongHorn has been implemented in MATLAB. Please download it from here.


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04/08/2018: LongHorn v1.0 is now released.

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04/05/2018: TCGA Pan-Cancer Atlas is now released at Cell. It is a collection of 27 studies, including LongHorn, based on pan-cancer analysis using TCGA datasets.

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04/03/2018: TCGA Pan-Cancer Atlas is featured as the cover story in the journal Cell Reports.



§   Chiu HS*, Somvanshi S* et al. 2018. Pan-Cancer Analysis of lncRNA Regulation Supports Their Targeting of Cancer Genes in Each Tumor Context. Cell Rep 23: 297-312 e212. (LongHorn main paper)

§   Berger AC et al. 2018. A Comprehensive Pan-Cancer Molecular Study of Gynecologic and Breast Cancers. Cancer Cell 33: 1-16. (LongHorn predictions were used to generate Figure 5)

§   Decoy-related papers:

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We thank the EU funded PrECISE, HORIZON-2020 #668858, for partially supporting the development of LongHorn.

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